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A new innovative ICO will be out on the market this 2019. A token base company that is loaded with loads of features and new platforms for the crypto market. Gominer Inc is a Canadian base company that aims to compete with the limited number of players in the crypto mining industry.

In early 2019 a number of mining companies shutdowns due to the drop of bitcoin price in the market. With this, Gominer saw the potential and decided to grab the loss market to its wing. Bitcoin is very volatile but Gominer develops a new system that can drift that ever changing price of Bitcoin and create a stiff tide for the mining industry.

Unlike other mining companies, Gominer has its own ASIC miner. Their rigs which is the GMXR-1 is first of its kind because of its Multi Algorithm system that can mine multiple crypto all at the same time. It has a hashrate of 48T/hs that is a little bit higher compared to other ASIC miner.

One of its main feature is the cloud mining that is far more competitive with other crypto mining companies. It offers a 14 days free trial on its electricity fee for new miners to experience their possible profit with the company.

Their mobile platform is already out on the market and it looks very promising. It has its own secure wallet that users can use to send and receive bitcoin. The app can also monitor the users cloud mining status, engage with other users through its social community platform.

So, What do we think of this new ICO:

Their website looks very professional and all the information needed are already in there. I’ll simplify the things I learned from their website and shared it here. The things I’ll discuss will be as follows:

Contents of this review:

  1. About Gominer Inc.
  2. How to start mining with them
  3. Mining Review
  4. Features of Gominer’s Cloud Mining
  5. Conclusion

About Gominer Inc.

It seems that Gominer Inc. was already active since 2017, they are not under spotlight for some time but they were already working ahead of their competitors. They were developing their product and services for a very long time hoping to be on top of the industry. While lots of mining companies were affected during the bearish of bitcoin, they were doing innovations to make their products stand out and sustain the fluctuating price of bitcoin and other alt coins.

The company is located in Canada, a very good location for mining since the electric cost there is very cheap. Canada has also good climate since its average temperature is from 4 °C to 27 °C. The need for cooling will be lessen which is good for the electricity cost. I know that lots of mining companies are located in China but as you can see what happened to the majority of them, they filed for bankruptcy and stop their production. Being on a country with a better climate gives long term advantages, something the Chinese companies can never have leading to huge losses to them.

How to start mining with Gominer?

From their website, Gominer teaches users 4 easy steps to start their services.

  1. Registration

The registration is very easy, simply click their login/registration button which can be found on their website.

  • Top-up Bitcoin

As soon as you login, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can find lots of cool stuffs. Click your “Wallet” and from there you can send Bitcoin to your wallet which will be used to buy your Token.

  • Buy the Token

Below the wallet, you will see the “Buy Token” section. Fill up all the forms that are needed and simply click the “Buy GoToken” to convert you Bitcoin to GoToken.

  • Convert it to hashpower

Now the last step is to convert you GoToken to hashpower that is located below the Buy Token section. The “Buy Hashpower” section will let you convert you token for you start mining and make profits. As soon as you buy your hashpower, everything is good. You can now view different graphs on your dashboard that will show you what you are mining and other things related to their services.

Mining Review

Overall their cloud mining is far more advantageous compared to the other mining companies such as Genesis Mining, Hashflare and Miner Gate. They declared that the ASIC they are using can mine multiple algorithms which means that they are not bound to mine Bitcoin alone. Lots of mining companies that went bankrupt issues was because they were focus only on Bitcoin Sha-256. Bitcoin price is very volatile and its difficulty is increasing as its supply decreases. This is one of the mistake of the mining companies that went bankrupt. The best approach to this cloud mining companies is to mine multiple algorithms that are profitable in the market. Gominer approach seems more sustainable making it a better choice for people looking for cloud mining to make profits.

Features of Gominer’s Cloud Mining

These are the features declared on the Gominer website, let’s give these features some thought and discuss if what they said are reasonable and reliable.

  • Token Based Cloud Mining

Token for Hashpower. Having their own Token is advantageous for them but a little hassle for their users. Instead of buying the hashpower directly using Bitcoin, users have to go to tedious process of converting their Bitcoin before using their cloud mining.

There is also advantages for users to have Gominer Token. The token itself can be invested on their other services, not just on cloud mining. Gominer have other services like staking and trading which can also generate profit for the users.

  • Automatic Mining System

The system was created with the convenience of the user on mind. Everything was created to make even the zero knowledge people of crypto mining be a part of the community. There is no need for the miners to build and be familiar with the technical aspect of the hardware. All they need to do is to monitor their operation on their dashboard and wait for profit.

  • 150% more Profitable

Experienced miner should read Gominer’s GMXR-1 specs that can be found here https://gominer.co/gmxr1.html and see for themselves the comparison of their ASIC to other ASIC that is now on the market. There is a profit part there that can be seen on the bottom of the table. The profit computed that the GMXR-1 can produced is greater compared to the other ASIC. GMXR-1 hash rate and power consumption is far better making it more profitable.

  • Security Diversification

The best feature that makes Gominer more profitable is its multiple algorithm system. Its ability to mine multiple cryptocurrency all at the same time. This feature is unique to Gominer making their cloud mining superior to other cloud mining on the industry.


Everyone wants to earn passive income and cloud mining is one of the best way to do it. Lots of company will tell you that they are the best in this field but as investors you need to thoroughly check them and learn a lot about their company before investing on them.

Gominer background is still new and they tell us lots of promises. Judging from their websites it looks like the really invested a lot on their platforms, product and services. There is no harm done in trying on a new mining company and it seems they are getting a lot of good feedback.

Overall its best to invest only if you are confident on the company you are investing and you should only use a part of your asset that you are willing to loss to minimize the risk. Read more about the company and learn through user’s feedback.

4 thoughts on “Gominer

  1. Definitely gonna join this one up! All is good but i really don’t understand about the free electricity trial? do you have more info on this? thank you 🙂 co’z i really want to invest on this one hope you can help.

  2. thanks for the inputs. Upon checking their website, I noticed that this so called 14 days free trial will make me earn 10% of my investment daily, correct me if i’m wrong, so if i invest 100$, i can make 10$ daily profits, that’s a really great deal! and after 14 days, my daily profits will be reduced to 5$, not bad. when are they going to operate? ill definitely get some of those GTs.

    • Wow this means a lot for the investor. for the min $100 investment and $10 daily profit makes a lot of sense. this cloud mining will be my next favorite cloud mining site.

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